Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Featured Vendors for Coldhearted II Cont.

John Shoemaker

John Shoemaker will be selling blown glass objects including bowls, goblets, and ornaments formed with a fusion of contemporary concerns and ancient Venetian techniques. 

Check out his Website

Bevan Weissman

Bevan Weissman is a recent transplant from the Boston Art Scene. 
He is a collaborator for the New American Public Art.
He will be selling small anatomical hearts & figurative sculpture. 

Check out his Website & New American Public Art


“Luckily, my doodles became more sophisticated and I now use them as elements in my printing. Nearly everything around me inspires my organic multiples but nature will forever be my biggest inspiration.” -Amanda Williams

Amanda will be selling handbags, tea towels, pillow covers, cards/paper goods, and ornaments.

Check out her Website & Facebook

Gigantic Sequins

Gigantic Sequins is an amazing black & white literary arts journal. They were founded in 2008. Gigantic Sequins publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and black & white art. Kimberly Ann Southwick is editor in chief. 

They will be selling items and writing poetry on the spot!

Check out their Website & Facebook

Geoffrey Thompson

Geoffrey Thompson is a local artist creating home goods out of reclaimed wood.  


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