Monday, December 3, 2012

Featured Vendors for Coldhearted II

BOMBita Jewelry Designs

BOMBita Designs handcrafted jewelry is known for creating eye catching sculptural and fabricated pieces with semi-precious and precious metals.  Each custom piece is tailored with fold forming, forging, riveting, and soldering techniques, where everyday objects and found materials are incorporated and brought to life. These non-conventional works of art are embellished with resins, colored pigments, and gold leaf. Inspiration comes from natural surroundings and architecture, while consistently incorporating organic shapes to communicate each individual’s life journey. 

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GearForms: Industrial Americana 
and Salvage Company

GearForms uses reclaimed industrial and architectural materials to make unique, one of a kind sculptural furniture. Many of items you see here were once used as foundry patterns for large steel mills in the early part of the 1900’s. 

2128 E. Arizona St. Philadelphia, 19125 

Jeffro Kilpatrick 

Jeffro Kilpatrick- Cartoons, Comics, illustrations, brotherhood, & otherwork.  
This born and raised Fishtown artist will be selling books, shirts, and prints!  

Check out Jeffro's Blog & Online Store 

The Ceramery

Antea Roberts makes hand built stoneware ceramic pieces- from jewelry to functional kitchenware. Organic textures combined with lace and melted glass accents accompany nature inspired glazes and natural clay color. She also does has slip cast sculptures and jewelry combining animal and human components.

Check out The Ceramery's Etsy

John Zox's Holdaplate Cocktail Plate & The Endo Clip Magnet


While pursuing his MBA, John Zox began taking design courses to nurture the right side of his brain. Hidden in plain sight at those famed biz school cocktail parties was an unsolved design challenge: how to hold both a plate and glass in two hands while also attempting to eat or shake someone’s hand. The eureka moment was realizing that the heavy center of gravity, the alcohol & glass, had to remain in-hand; hanging glassware off a plate, like so many solutions on the market, was and is both precarious and inelegant. The Holdaplate was thus born, and with the skill of designer Ding Liu, brought to life for cocktail partygoers everywhere to enjoy.

& Check out the Press John Zox's has for his Endo Magnet Clip in
Fotoz by JD

JD is a local Fishtown Photographer.  She will be featuring lots of urban, vibrant, expressionistic photographs from Fishtown & the Philadelphia area.  
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