Thursday, November 29, 2012

Small Works Show closes 11/30!

I'll definitely be sad to see this one come down. Small Works was a great show with a wide array of amazing art. Huge thanks to our artists and everyone who came out to see the show!

 Julia Wilson, While You Were Sleeping series, $90 each
 Kennedy James, Serial Bondage 24, $400 
Kennedy James, Serial Bondage 23, $400
 Katherine DiBenedetto, Outside, NFS
 Darla Jackson, They were climbing..., $400
 Darcy Van Buskirk, Model Face, NFS
 Hedy Sirico, Book 3, Sold
 Hayley Tomlinson, Q-Art Code, $125
 Susan White, Seasilia, Price on Request
 Phoebe Bachman, Coiled Breasts, NFS
 Julia Bunn, Silicone Radiation, $400
 Andrew Wilkinson, DOGMA, $300
 Nathaniel Butler, There was always space between us, $250
 Jenny Welsh, Amitabha, $200
 James Wheaton, You and I are not alone, Book no. 1, Page 20, $150
 Micah Adams, Birthday Boots, $100 each
 Micah Adams, Dead Penny Leaves, $1250
 Kelly Kozma, Bright lights, Small city, $220
 Seren Akcay, Untitled, NFS
 Terri Aluise, Le Pouf, $200
 Jesse Lentz, Family, $25 each
 Brian Fell, Legacy, NFS
 Mya Kerner, There Are Always Strings, $960