Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy, Sanding and Small Works

 Tuckerton, NJ

 Yes, I know its not polite to curse, but that is how I feel about the past few days. My heart breaks to see my hometown hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy. I've been a nervous wreck for my family and friends. Everyone is safe but has a lot of work ahead of them to make things normal again. Below you can see my parents house (grey one to the left of the huge boat pile). They got about a foot of water inside the house...and their house is 5 feet off the ground on pilings. But again, they are all safe, for which I am extremely thankful.

To keep myself busy and my mind off certain things, I headed to PSG to finish the gallery side of the wall that separates the gallery and classroom spaces.

We put a layer of plywood over the metal studs to make life easier when hanging art.

Team PSG in action.
 Finished for a quick sand (Sidebar, I've gotten pretty good at spackling...and after PSG is open, I hope to never have to spackle again!!)


If you want a chance to come check out our new wall and the new art that will be hanging on it, stop by this Friday for Small Works. The opening will run from 6-9pm. 

Serial Bondage 24 by Kennedy James

Friday, October 26, 2012

AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective Iron Pour - November 3rd!

Check out the above flyer for info on the upcoming iron pour at Grounds for Sculpture, presented in partnership with the AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective! A PSG crew will be there to watch the iron pour, so give a holler if you plan to be there!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Works Show Opens Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Congrats to the artists that will be showing their work in the Small Works Show, which opens next Friday, November 2nd from 6-9pm!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hacktory Halloween Party!

Our friends at The Hacktory are throwing a Halloween Party at the Ukie Club!! Check out this link for tickets: GHOST IN THE MACHINE HALLOWEEN

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday O'Rae!!!

 Happy birthday to the little love of my life, Olivia Rae. O'Rae is 3 today and I cannot imagine (or remember) my life without her. Olivia, I love you with all my heart and wish nothing but amazing and wonderful things for you.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Call for Artists: Small Works Show! Deadline Oct 23rd!!!!

Don't forget to apply for the Small Works Show! The deadline is Tuesday October 23rd!!

Make sure to check out the actual Call for Artists first for all the details and then fill out the Entry Form with up to 3 images.


A huge thank you to everyone who came out for POST 2012! We had a great crowd and really appreciate you all taking the time to come see the space and check out what we are up to!

Another big thanks to the amazing and fabulous volunteers that are helping to make PSG happen...Molly, Brynn, Jenny, Jen and Gus, this weekend and this place would not happen without you! A special thanks to Gus for teaching everyone the casting process. We did 9 pours in 2 days: 7 aluminum and 2 bronze, poured by 5 different people (including 2 newbies, Rose and Kriss!) Check out the photos below to see some of the process!

 Olivia making a sand mold
 Poured shoe prints
 Furnace set up
 Side view
 Brynn pouring...
 Kriss pouring...
and Rose pouring!
 Our flasks!
 Molly making a sand mold
 Brynn ramming the sand
 We cast a bunch of PSG medallions...
 Hot furnace!
 Gus's work...
 Brynn slagging the aluminum
 Brynn suited up for grinding!
 Justin getting ready to pour bronze
 ...using tongs to remove the crucible...
 ...picking up the hot crucible with the shank...
and done! 

Thanks again to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

POST this weekend!!! Sat and Sun 12-6!

Come visit the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym this weekend during the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours! We'll be open on Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm and you'll be able to check out the current exhibition in our gallery, Process Show: Wood, get a tour of the space and see small scale aluminum pours! Hope to see you here!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Process Show: Wood on!!!

Big thanks to Chip Schwartz of the Knight Arts blog for coming to review the current show in our gallery, Process Show: Wood. Check out the article here: Wooden Art and POST at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

A huge thanks to everyone who came out this past Friday for the opening reception of Process Show: Wood! It is an amazing exhibition thanks to the following artists: Lewis Colburn, Ryan McCartney, Barry Parker, Stephanie Pierce, Ben Quinn-Kerins, George Schwab, John Shoemaker, Geoffrey Thompson, Kevin van Zanten, and Andrew Wilkinson. If you missed the opening and want to come by, we are here on weekends from 11-6 and will be open for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (October 20-21!)

Here are some shots from the evening!



And at the end of the night Eric and Johnny of Eric13 came by and played for us. It was amazing...

Sunday was extra exciting too...the PSG A-team was there (and we all got the black hoodie memo apparently!), we did an aluminum pour, thanks to Gus (I got to do the pour! !!!), and we almost finished up the ramp, thanks to Brynn, Jenny and her Dad!

 This is a quick little thing we made to test out what we're planning for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours!

Making a sand mold...

 Drying out the sand once the mold was opened...
Tiny furnace! 
 Poured! (You'll see the finished item soon enough...sooner if you come to POST!)

 Jenny and her Dad!

Jenny testing out the ramp, aka Nap Slope.