Monday, April 29, 2013

Five Questions with the Kensington Community Food Co-op

Hey! Check out the Kensington Community Food Co-op blog...They asked me 5 questions about co-ops, local food, local businesses and more! You can take a look at the answers here, see some photos from PSG and sign up for more info on the KCFC! They'll also be at the opening reception for the Charter Member Show this Friday with a table, so come by and ask them questions!

Weekend Recap

 This weekend was a whole bunch of moving things around....Josh and Molly cleared out the back area to get it ready for the metal shop move.

 Larry from Laran Bronze dropped off this anvil when he came by to pick up his piece from Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. Thanks so much Larry!!!!

 Brynn and Molly put some legs on a table top that was donated to us from The ReSource Exchange.

And Bevan came in and started to get the wood shop in order! Whoot!

 Ryan, well, he did a little bit of everything.

Me? I ran around doing a little bit of everything...taking tools apart, putting tools together, moving things, teaching mold making, talking gallery stuff, etc. Whew!

And Jenny got PSG Gallery whipped into shape for our next show, the 2nd Annual Charter Member Exhibition, (which opens this Friday) AND managed to also make a mold AND wrangle Olivia for a bit! Superwoman!

And Olivia did what she does best, melt brains with her cuteness.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Call for Artists - Process Show: CASTING

We've made it through one year of process based shows and this will be our 2nd Process Show: CASTING! For anyone who missed the first one, we had work cast in every material from metal (bronze and iron) to plaster and concrete...and the most unusual...sugar!

We're opening up the Call for Artists for this year's Process Show: CASTING, which will be this June. The deadline for submissions is May 24th. For more info or to apply, check out the entry form HERE.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monitors Wanted

The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym is looking for people who are interested in monitoring our shops in exchange for a monthly membership to the space.

- Someone who can commit to five 6 hour long shifts per month.
- Someone with working knowledge of wood and metal shop tools. (Accepted monitors will receive safety training on all equipment.)
- Someone with common sense, a good work ethic, self motivation, a good attitude, willingness to listen, learn and ask questions and flexibility. Attention to detail and concern for the community are very important.

Still interested? Please email Darla Jackson at philadelphiasculpturegym[at] with the following:
- Cover Letter
- Resume
- Names and email addresses of 3 references related to previous shop monitoring experience
- Please title the email MONITOR SEARCH

Image from here

Sculptural Metalworking Recap

Sculptural Metalworking with Bevan Weissman

A Recap of what they did: 
  • Learned the sweet spot of MIG welding - balancing "voltage" and "wire feed" to get that steady buzz, like your head's in a hornets nest.  Too much wire makes staccato spatter, too much voltage causes gaps and stalling.  The right "proportion" can be dialed up and down to make thick & deep or thin & light welds.
  • Learned cutting with the chop saw, cutting with the angle grinders, and cutting with the oxy-acetylene torch
  • Learned how to safely turn on and off the oxy-acetylene gas tanks & regulator (clockwise closes main tank valve, but clockwise opens regulator valve)
  • Learned how to operate oxy-acetylene torches for cutting (remember, POOP or for us "FOOF"  - fuel, oxygen, oxygen, fuel for the order of turning on and off the torch).  
  • Gas ratios.   ~6:1 oxygen:acetylene ratio (~30:5 psi) for cutting.
  • Learned grinding with the angle grinders and the bench grinders
  • Put all those newfound skills together to collaboratively build a lovely jellyfish sculpture!  
    • Cut, heat & bend steel sheet for the dome
    • Cut, bend, and weld round rod to make tendrils, tentacles, and the "brain"
    • Embellish everything with oxy-cutting and MIG welded texture
    • Weld the whole thing together
April using the Oxy- Acetylene Torch
Jody & April
April Bending Steel
Jody using the Oxy- Acetylene Torch
Wes & Jody 
Wes using the Oxy-Acetylene Torch
Wes on the MIG
"You guys did great.  It's quite the accomplishment to learn a skill from scratch and then immediately put it into use to make an awesome sculpture.  Well done." -Bevan

Wes, Jody & April with there finished collaborative piece. 
Saturday, May 25 10:00-5:00pm 
Contact Jenny for any questions

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Brynn and Tara keeping the door blockers at bay with a new improved yellow curb outside of our roll-down.
 I love weekends like this when all kinds of things are happening and everywhere I look something exciting is going on! We're getting really close and trying to tie up any loose ends before opening. Stay tuned!!!!

This weekend was powered by pretzels. Literally...we ate so many I forgot to order lunch. I blame the sriracha.
Awesome family visit from Michael, Chung, Elise, Ernest and the rest of the fam!

Ryan, making it happen.

Brynn and Jenny drywalling the studio partitions!

Would you believe that Bevan is afraid of heights?!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inliquid's Art for the Cash Poor. Deadline 4/19!

The deadline for this year's Art for the Cash Poor is this Friday!! 
Check out this link for more detail or to sign up.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap!

PSG Charter Members!

This week/weekend was crazy and was full of great events, like our first Charter Member dinner and Josh Raiffe's opening, mysteries, like where did the scaffolding go (we figured it out), and work, work, work...and cookie breaks.

Fancy slide show at the Charter Member dinner

Bevan holding it down

Food and art and Charter Members

New layout!

Josh Raiffe
Josh Raiffe, Installation view
Josh Raiffe, People
Penthouse view at PSG
Oh hi, Brynn...

Making PSG more awesome...

Welcome Ryan! Thanks for jumping right in and helping out.

Joshua cutting unistrut

Brynn checking me for level
New studio partitions in progress!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Funding for Artists - April 25th at CFEVA

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at The University of the Arts and Flying Kite Media present:

Funding for Artists

Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 6:30 at The Gershman Hall, Chapel 401 South Broad

Seeking funding to sustain one’s artistic practice can be daunting task.  Join us for a conversation that will explore micro funding, fiscal sponsorship and the resources available to find the best visual arts funding options for you.

Eleanor Whitney, Program Officer, New York Foundation for the Arts
Lindsay Tucker So, Manager of Fiscal Sponsorship, CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

Erica Hawthorne, Founder & Managing Director, Small But Mighty Arts Grant

Location:    The Gershman Hall Chapel, 401 South Broad Street

The program begins at 6:30 pm (6:15 registration). This session is free for UArts students and alumni (with ID) and $12.00 general admission. Artists affilalated with The Center for Emerging Visual Artists receive a $2 discount. Pre- Registration is required. Individuals who have not pre-registered are not guaranteed a seat. To reserve a space or to receive more information about The Center for Emerging Visual Artists or Direct Dialogues Lecture Series, please contact Genevieve Coutroubis, by phone (215) 546 - 7775 x 11 or by email

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

This week was an exciting one at PSG. Paul Carson came in to teach a Build Your Own Bike Frame class, and it was so great to see the bikes come together in just a few days! Amazing job guys!

On Thursday, I headed out to the 30th Annual Center for Emerging Visual Artists Benefit at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia. This year Happy Fernandez was honored with the Founders Award and I was asked to create the award. It was an honor to be there and to meet and speak with everyone, especially Happy's wonderful husband.

2013 Founders Award honoring Happy Fernandez
Friday night was the First Friday Opening for our Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, including the amazing artists!

Saturday was an all lady volunteer day at PSG and Rea, Brynn, Molly, Tara, Julie and Monica moved giant bunches of lockers all over the place. Jenny whipped the metal shop into shape. And I was up in the trusses, planning, planning, planning...