Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

 This weekend was a whole bunch of moving things around....Josh and Molly cleared out the back area to get it ready for the metal shop move.

 Larry from Laran Bronze dropped off this anvil when he came by to pick up his piece from Process Show: MIXED MEDIA. Thanks so much Larry!!!!

 Brynn and Molly put some legs on a table top that was donated to us from The ReSource Exchange.

And Bevan came in and started to get the wood shop in order! Whoot!

 Ryan, well, he did a little bit of everything.

Me? I ran around doing a little bit of everything...taking tools apart, putting tools together, moving things, teaching mold making, talking gallery stuff, etc. Whew!

And Jenny got PSG Gallery whipped into shape for our next show, the 2nd Annual Charter Member Exhibition, (which opens this Friday) AND managed to also make a mold AND wrangle Olivia for a bit! Superwoman!

And Olivia did what she does best, melt brains with her cuteness.

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