Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes?

Hope everyone made it through all the natural disasters that were thrown at Philly this week!
Despite the conditions, we checked out another location for the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym this weekend that was pretty cool. Check back tomorrow for photos!

Image from here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Containment Policy at Pterodactyl this weekend!

curated by Dr. K. Malcolm Richards, Jon F. Allen, and Rodney Thoms
August 27 - October 1 2011

A multi-media event examining the general containment policy that confines, refines, and defines how humans conduct and are conducted through their lives in the early twenty-first century via institutions that bind. From carefully contrived cubicles in the work place and the processed packaged food we consume to the surveillance cameras ...that record our whereabouts and the psychiatric pills that standardize our minds and wills, this exhibition will explore and explode the categorical imperatives that rue and rule our daily existence.

Opening August 27 8-12

Opening Night Performances by: DV Nikt, Gruesome Twosome (Lora Bloom and Kenny Brown), Plum Dragoness, and Justice League of Adversaries
Also featuring sound man and DJ David S. Aponte

Closing October 1 8-12
Closing reception will feature the films Atom Egoyan's "Speaking Parts" and
Samuel Fuller's "Shock Corridor" with lecture/discussion by the curators.

Work by
Steven Dufala / Billy Dufala / Paul D'Agostino / Carolina Maugeri / Brian Spies / Dr. K. Malcolm Richards / David E. Williams / Ben Coover / Mary Coyle / Adam Simon / Jon F. Allen / Timothy Allen / DV Nikt / Jordan Graw / Joshua Borden / David S. Aponte / Tina Zavitsanos and S. O'Brien/Thomas Micchelli

More info at

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back from vacation with some Artist Opportunities!

Sorry for the silence! We were away on vacation and I was too crazy to get any posts together before we left. But we're back now and settled in (despite a small earthquake today...???) and have some exciting artist opportunities for you!

MuraLAB and BreadBoard Joint Artist Residency and Exhibition

Residency Details
Up to four selected artists or artist teams (maximum of two members per team) will be given access to NextFab Studio’s high-tech fabrication equipment and expert staff for five months (November 2011 through March 2012) while they produce public art project concepts and/or models and prototypes to be exhibited in an April/May 2012 exhibition at Breadboard’s Esther Klein Gallery. Each project will also be considered for development into a full-scale public art project in Philadelphia produced by Mural Arts in 2013.
NextFab’s equipment includes a large laser engraver, a vinyl print-cut system, a large format inkjet printer, a computer controlled router, plasma cutter, and milling machine, as well as a full line of hand and power tools.
Artist or artist teams will be awarded a stipend of $2,000 to cover artist fees and supplies and any other related residency expenses. In addition, each team will receive a $500 credit towards workshop and machine time fees and staff consultations to help them in the development of their project concepts. Each artist or artist team will be responsible for a $100 security deposit (to be returned at the end of the residency). NextFab staff will be on hand to provide technical support, though staff members will not provide fabrication labor for the artists free of charge. The $500 credit can be used towards fabrication labor if needed.
Please note that NextFab can only provide facility access. Artists residing outside the Philadelphia area will be responsible for their own accommodations and living expenses.
Click HERE for more info and a link to the RFP.

Texas A&M University Sculpture Commission Competition

The University Art Galleries Department is now accepting entries from professional artists to create a permanent sculpture to be housed in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) on the campus of Texas A&M University. The commission awarded to the selected artist will total $350,000. The MSC is currently undergoing a major renovation (updates about MSC renovation on The installation of this sculpture will be the capstone to the entire project and is planned to coincide with the ceremonial opening of the building in September.

Click HERE for more info.

Space Savers Project

The Space Savers Project is a project that creates a citywide public arts project out of the Philadelphia custom of “saving” on-street parking. Saving public parking spaces, while technically illegal, is widely practice throughout the city. Items like recycling bins, upturned garbage cans, cinder blocks, and broken furniture are traditionally used as space savers. While they are effective, they are also visually crude and imply threat/ possession. Can The Space Savers Project change both the aesthetic and the message? This is public art project as well as an environmental and social experiment. Perhaps by replacing traditional space savers with art, we can transform the practice of saving spaces and begin new dialogue within communities. Is saving a parking space with a thoughtful work of art different than saving one with a cinder block tethered to a street sign? The Space Savers Project may reveal an answer.
We call on artists to design and create alternatives to the objects traditionally used to save spaces. Watch this video [] for more information about the ideas behind The Space Saver Project.
Click HERE for more info.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skillshare is coming to Philly!

Not sure if you've heard the buzz around Philadelphia during the last few days, but Skillshare, an NYC-based startup, is officially launching in Philadelphia on Tuesday, August 16. Skillshare is a community marketplace that gives individuals and companies the opportunity to teach and/or learn anything in their community.

To celebrate their launch, they're hosting a kickoff event next Tuesday, August 16th, at the Field House, starting at 7pm. The event will include a raffle, three exciting 5-minute rapid classes, and drink specials, of course ($3, $4, & $5 deal).

Please note, that all guests must register to attend, and it's absolutely FREE: It's going to be an amazing networking opportunity and a great way to start brainstorming about what you want to learn from others and what you might be able to teach them.

We are offering 2 classes through Skillshare: Animal Sculpture at the Zoo and Packing Artwork for Safe Shipping. Click on the class names for more info or to sign up!

Here's a bit more info about Skillshare from their press release:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Location search continues...

One of the most exciting and stressful parts of the planning for the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym has been the location. We feel like so much is riding on the space...the size, the cost, the location of the building, the access, the light (we're sculptors...we like good light!)...that its almost paralyzing. However, it is our goal to begin to nail down some big things and this is one of them. We've looked at 3 more spaces and each had its own appeal...

The Warehouse
Though it may not look it in this photo, this space has alot of potential...high ceilings, two floors, easily accessible, big roll down garage door. The upstairs had skylights and lots of room (we forgot to snap a photo of the 2nd floor). And the owner was super nice (We've run into a bunch of really nice landlords in our searches so far, which surprised us both...if it were based on just the people themselves, we'd have almost a harder time choosing than we do already!)

The Old Ice Cream Factory

The location of this place is awesome. And again, super nice owners. It's also two floors and has a cool yard attached to it. The only issue is that we think it might be a bit too small for the amount of equipment we are going to need... We are working on figuring out if we can make it work or not.

[No photos...Justin didn't send me what he took...Will add them if he does.]

The Old Power Sub-station

Forgive me if I seem biased on this. I would've moved into this space in a heartbeat the first moment I saw it. The space is huge. The light...AMAZING! Even the basement was awesome! Another awesome owner. And there was glitter on the floor for Olivia to play with so she was a huge fan. At first though it was definitely too big and they weren't sure they wanted to divide the space. Now, however, they are willing to divide it (yes!). The only hesitation we have is the location. Its easily accessible by bus and car, and the El is only like 3 blocks away but its a bit hood between the El station and the building. I spoke to a friend, who lives like a block away from here, about this and he said the area is not as bad as I think it is...(I'm from NJ, people...I scare easily. I still haven't figured out how Justin got me to move to Kensington in the first place.) 1/2 of the building may still be a bit much for us so that and the lack of a giant roll down garage door (It has big dock height doors so this isn't that much of an issue) remain our only hesitations, so we are crunching numbers and seeing if it makes sense.

This is a shot of the 2nd floor:

The first floor (skylights! big beautiful skylights!):

Hell, even the basement is big and bright:

These guys are very much in the running...We had to cross the Bank and Old Hardware Co. off our first list (No big entrances in the Bank and no running water in the Old Hardware Co., both deal breakers) but these are all good additions. Here's hoping we can make up our minds...soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Featured Artist: Katie Dillon Low

In Preparation for Leaving, 7ft x 12ft x 9ft, mixed media construction and assemblage

Katie Dillon Low is a Philadelphia artist who creates sculpture, installation, and small objects.
"I am from Nashville originally and got my BFA from Belmont University, which I don't expect anyone to know of, but there you are... and I moved to Philadelphia about 4 years ago to do my MFA at PAFA. I went in a painter, I came out a sculptor! So now I am this emerging artist working predominately in sculpture. My work is influenced by my own life events and surroundings. I am especially interested in the patina of old and neglected objects and architecture of which Philadelphia is a haven."

See more of her work at (I especially love her installation work!)

In Preparation for Leaving is on view at the PAFA Museum until August 16th. Go check it out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap:allTURNatives: Form + Spirit 2011

This weekend Justin, Olivia and I headed over to the opening reception for allTURNatives: Form + Spirit 2011, the International Turning Exchange (ITE) Exhibition at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. The Center for Art in Wood (the new Woodturning Center!) is showcasing the work of the 2011 ITE Fellows: Noah Addis, Michael DeForest, Daniel Forrest Hoffman, Beth Ireland, Carl Pittman, Kimberly Winkle, and Jennifer A. Zwilling.

Here are images we took of some of the work, which was really amazing.

Michael de Forest, Mo.S.P. '53, 2011

This work in the face is all marquetry...marquetry!!!! Insane and amazing!

Michael de Forest, Mo.S.P. '53, 2011

Daniel Forest Hoffman, Ram, 2011

I love the combination of the carving and the use of the shavings in this piece.

Daniel Forest Hoffman, Ram, 2011

The artist encouraged viewers to handle this bowl and another piece like it...
they were so light and flexible!

Michael de Forest, The Frog - Rebirth and Transmutation, 2003

Beth Ireland, Totems, 2011

I love how the piece below looks so first glance you'd never guess it was wood.

Beth Ireland, Artifacts, 2011

Beth Ireland, Artifacts, 2011

The show, on the 3rd floor of the Art Alliance, runs through August 28th so be sure to check it out!

And also a big congrats to new Executive Director of the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Molly Dougherty!!! And a welcome to the new Chief Curator, Sarah Archer! Congrats to you both and welcome to Philadelphia Sarah!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy week...

Sorry for the silence...It has been a crazy week here. I've been teaching 2 groups of kids sculpture classes for the first time in YEARS. (Normally I teach college age and above...) It's been amazing and everyone did a great job. Here are some shots of what they worked on (The first 5 photos are from the PreCollege program at Uarts and the next 5 are from teaching 8-10 years at Fleisher):

Nell's Cast Resin Hands made using a Silicone Caulk mold taken off a sculpted clay original

Shannon's German Shepard made using a waste mold taken off of a clay original

Shannon's German Shepard with patina

Sonora's Waste Mold

Sonora's Vessel being cast

The work of 8-10 year old Fleisher cute!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Look for more posts next week. We promise!