Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Containment Policy at Pterodactyl this weekend!

curated by Dr. K. Malcolm Richards, Jon F. Allen, and Rodney Thoms
August 27 - October 1 2011

A multi-media event examining the general containment policy that confines, refines, and defines how humans conduct and are conducted through their lives in the early twenty-first century via institutions that bind. From carefully contrived cubicles in the work place and the processed packaged food we consume to the surveillance cameras ...that record our whereabouts and the psychiatric pills that standardize our minds and wills, this exhibition will explore and explode the categorical imperatives that rue and rule our daily existence.

Opening August 27 8-12

Opening Night Performances by: DV Nikt, Gruesome Twosome (Lora Bloom and Kenny Brown), Plum Dragoness, and Justice League of Adversaries
Also featuring sound man and DJ David S. Aponte

Closing October 1 8-12
Closing reception will feature the films Atom Egoyan's "Speaking Parts" and
Samuel Fuller's "Shock Corridor" with lecture/discussion by the curators.

Work by
Steven Dufala / Billy Dufala / Paul D'Agostino / Carolina Maugeri / Brian Spies / Dr. K. Malcolm Richards / David E. Williams / Ben Coover / Mary Coyle / Adam Simon / Jon F. Allen / Timothy Allen / DV Nikt / Jordan Graw / Joshua Borden / David S. Aponte / Tina Zavitsanos and S. O'Brien/Thomas Micchelli

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