Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back from vacation with some Artist Opportunities!

Sorry for the silence! We were away on vacation and I was too crazy to get any posts together before we left. But we're back now and settled in (despite a small earthquake today...???) and have some exciting artist opportunities for you!

MuraLAB and BreadBoard Joint Artist Residency and Exhibition

Residency Details
Up to four selected artists or artist teams (maximum of two members per team) will be given access to NextFab Studio’s high-tech fabrication equipment and expert staff for five months (November 2011 through March 2012) while they produce public art project concepts and/or models and prototypes to be exhibited in an April/May 2012 exhibition at Breadboard’s Esther Klein Gallery. Each project will also be considered for development into a full-scale public art project in Philadelphia produced by Mural Arts in 2013.
NextFab’s equipment includes a large laser engraver, a vinyl print-cut system, a large format inkjet printer, a computer controlled router, plasma cutter, and milling machine, as well as a full line of hand and power tools.
Artist or artist teams will be awarded a stipend of $2,000 to cover artist fees and supplies and any other related residency expenses. In addition, each team will receive a $500 credit towards workshop and machine time fees and staff consultations to help them in the development of their project concepts. Each artist or artist team will be responsible for a $100 security deposit (to be returned at the end of the residency). NextFab staff will be on hand to provide technical support, though staff members will not provide fabrication labor for the artists free of charge. The $500 credit can be used towards fabrication labor if needed.
Please note that NextFab can only provide facility access. Artists residing outside the Philadelphia area will be responsible for their own accommodations and living expenses.
Click HERE for more info and a link to the RFP.

Texas A&M University Sculpture Commission Competition

The University Art Galleries Department is now accepting entries from professional artists to create a permanent sculpture to be housed in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) on the campus of Texas A&M University. The commission awarded to the selected artist will total $350,000. The MSC is currently undergoing a major renovation (updates about MSC renovation on http://ourmsc.tamu.edu). The installation of this sculpture will be the capstone to the entire project and is planned to coincide with the ceremonial opening of the building in September.

Click HERE for more info.

Space Savers Project

The Space Savers Project is a project that creates a citywide public arts project out of the Philadelphia custom of “saving” on-street parking. Saving public parking spaces, while technically illegal, is widely practice throughout the city. Items like recycling bins, upturned garbage cans, cinder blocks, and broken furniture are traditionally used as space savers. While they are effective, they are also visually crude and imply threat/ possession. Can The Space Savers Project change both the aesthetic and the message? This is public art project as well as an environmental and social experiment. Perhaps by replacing traditional space savers with art, we can transform the practice of saving spaces and begin new dialogue within communities. Is saving a parking space with a thoughtful work of art different than saving one with a cinder block tethered to a street sign? The Space Savers Project may reveal an answer.
We call on artists to design and create alternatives to the objects traditionally used to save spaces. Watch this video [http://www.vimeo.com/27090239] for more information about the ideas behind The Space Saver Project.
Click HERE for more info.

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