Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Featured Artist: Katie Dillon Low

In Preparation for Leaving, 7ft x 12ft x 9ft, mixed media construction and assemblage

Katie Dillon Low is a Philadelphia artist who creates sculpture, installation, and small objects.
"I am from Nashville originally and got my BFA from Belmont University, which I don't expect anyone to know of, but there you are... and I moved to Philadelphia about 4 years ago to do my MFA at PAFA. I went in a painter, I came out a sculptor! So now I am this emerging artist working predominately in sculpture. My work is influenced by my own life events and surroundings. I am especially interested in the patina of old and neglected objects and architecture of which Philadelphia is a haven."

See more of her work at www.katiedillonart.blogspot.com (I especially love her installation work!)

In Preparation for Leaving is on view at the PAFA Museum until August 16th. Go check it out!

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