Monday, October 22, 2012


A huge thank you to everyone who came out for POST 2012! We had a great crowd and really appreciate you all taking the time to come see the space and check out what we are up to!

Another big thanks to the amazing and fabulous volunteers that are helping to make PSG happen...Molly, Brynn, Jenny, Jen and Gus, this weekend and this place would not happen without you! A special thanks to Gus for teaching everyone the casting process. We did 9 pours in 2 days: 7 aluminum and 2 bronze, poured by 5 different people (including 2 newbies, Rose and Kriss!) Check out the photos below to see some of the process!

 Olivia making a sand mold
 Poured shoe prints
 Furnace set up
 Side view
 Brynn pouring...
 Kriss pouring...
and Rose pouring!
 Our flasks!
 Molly making a sand mold
 Brynn ramming the sand
 We cast a bunch of PSG medallions...
 Hot furnace!
 Gus's work...
 Brynn slagging the aluminum
 Brynn suited up for grinding!
 Justin getting ready to pour bronze
 ...using tongs to remove the crucible...
 ...picking up the hot crucible with the shank...
and done! 

Thanks again to everyone!!!!

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