Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Featured Vendors for Coldhearted II Cont.

Amanda McCavour

Amanda uses a unique process for drawing.  She uses a sewing machine to create thread drawings, installation, and other various works.  She uses a fabric that dissolves in water, which make it possible for her images to hold without a base.  Amanda will be selling her embroidered flower brooches. 

Check out her Website & article in Craftzine 

Ginger Pots

Unique, creative flower pots, ornaments and more just in time for the Holidays!  Ginger Pots is a collaboration of artists Laura Conklin and John Moriarty. Both have degrees in the arts and are putting their creativity and talent together to bring the world some uniquely crafted stuff! 
Check out their Etsy & Recent Article in ReDesign Revolution

Jenifer Stern 

"I am interested in the worlds that are unseen, the realm of the imagination, all that live in them and the emotions within us. My work addresses the theme of identity and is an exploration of the many layers, which define who we are as individuals." - Jenifer Stern
Jenifer will be selling small sculptures & unique handmade candle holders. 

Check out her Website & Blog

Jason Sorvari

 Jason Sorvari will be selling his decorative paintings and prints!!!! 

Gabrielle Miles Silverlight

Gabrielle Miles Silverlight is a sculpture who also creates porcelain and cast bronze jewelry and decorative objects whose ascetics draw from geometry and nature.  Each piece is handmade and one of a kind! 

Check out her Website

SquidWhale Designs & Mouse Trap Vintage

SquidWhale Designs is a textile and accessories design team of two, Elizabeth J. McTear and Sarah L. Brown, established in 2012 in Philadelphia.  The textiles we make and the vintage textiles they collect evoke the sea; the accessories they make with their collections are accented with vintage brass hardware, weather bits of rope and distressed leather.  

They will be selling timeless & timeworn goods for the wayfaring way & woodland-inspired vintage finds. 

Check out their sites! 
SquidWhale: Website, Facebook, Etsy
Mouse Trap Vintage: Website, Facebook, Etsy 

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