Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waste Mold De-mold

Wanted to share some process shots of the demold I did on the waste mold from our NextFab Moldmaking Workshop. (I also made a video but am still trying to figure out how to upload it...)

The finished waste mold.

Chipping off the plaster I put on to cover the seam line.

Seam line uncovered!

Removing the wire binding the pieces together.

The underside of the waste mold. Because we used Hydrocal the mold and the casting are the same color. (I usually like to use Ultracal, which is grey and easier to see when demolding the piece.)

First piece removed. (I used a chisel to pop this off...not my fingers.)

I love when the pieces come off in large chunks!

The back of the piece demolded.

Normally we use cold chisels to demold waste molds but ours were at the studio and I was at home so I used this set of beater chisels. They, surprisingly, still have sharp edges so you have to be careful not to gouge your finished piece...or yourself...when using them!

The casting emerged successfully! Still needs some cleaning up and picking out of plaster mold bits, but it came out nicely.

The destroyed mold.

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