Tuesday, January 10, 2012

De-mold video!

So there are a few things to note about demolding a waste mold...like the fact that you want to point your chisel away from the piece. I like to chisel into the mold and then once the chisel is in the plaster, shift the chisel to an angle that is pointing away from the piece. Also it's nice to have sandbags so you can rest your piece on them while demolding. This piece was small so it wasn't a huge issue, but its certainly helpful. And in case anyone was wondering what the huge bunch of stuff under the guys head is in the finished sculpture...it's a maquette for a piece I wanted to do of our friend Tim, where he's sleeping and has a huge beard of bees...I still have to pick the plaster from the mold off of alot of those "bees" but alot of it came off really easily...yay!

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