Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap: Moldmaking Workshop at NextFab Studios


Saturday was our Moldmaking Workshop at NextFab Studio and it went great! Justin and I had alot of fun doing the lecture together...and it was nice to revisit photos of molds we've done together (which is appropriate as we fell in love while making a mold...awwww). We started off with a power point that touched on the history of moldmaking and the uses in different industries. Then we went over press molds, piece molds, waste molds, block molds, blanket molds and brush on molds, with photo examples of each and some longer photo demos of blanket and brush on molds. Then we took a short break and came back to do some demos. Justin did a simple press mold using a piece of wood that was cut into a rosette on NextFab's ShopBot and a toy of Olivia's. While the plaster set for that piece, I made a waste mold of a small head I sculpted. Next, Justin made a piece mold of an apple. It was a good back and forth and we each offered our (different) views on certain aspects of the molds we were making which was fun. It was also great to get to talk to everyone and answer questions they had about the process. We've heard from a few people that they've since been inspired to go home and try their hand at some molds which is fabulous! And we're looking forward to collaborating with NextFab again in the future! And check back tomorrow for the photos of me demolding the piece in the waste mold!

Various molds we brought

 More molds

...and more molds!

The heavy stuff: Plaster, Hydrocal and Clay

Supplies and such

During our break

Justin working on the clay walls for the piece mold of the apple

Justin mixing plaster for the first part of the piece mold

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