Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Featured Charter Members

Check Out Some of the talent Representing
 PSG by our Charter Members

Colleen Rudolf 
"I create with varied materials and processes while exploring diverse subjects from the overwhelming world around me. Intrigued by gestural, non-linguistic communication in all species, I utilize animal surrogates to discuss and reflect upon the human condition. Often therapeutic, the studio becomes an escape where I can orchestrate the sensitivity that I wish to surround me." 

Sprinkles and Kendall by Colleen Rudolf
Cow by Colleen Rudolf
Bronze Work in Progress at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym by Colleen Rudolf

Joshua Parker Coombs

A Nurturing Place by Joshua Parker Coombs
Constriction/Protection/Liberation by Joshua Parker Coombs

Jenny Lee Maas

"I investigate the subconscious realities that are offered through symbolism in dreams.  I often make work based on my dreams, because dreams are symbolic interpretations of reality. There is something both lost and born when translating these intangible realities into a physical form.  Many times I work with one concept (or dream) for a time and translate the same idea through various media.  This allows me to investigate thoroughly, as well as experimentally, in turn giving me a wider scope of perspective and understanding. "
{perception is everything} 

Awakening Series 'Mending' by Jenny Lee Maas
Awakening Series 'Transformation' by Jenny Lee Maas

Stephen Millner

"When a particular item or image becomes the seed of a work of art, it triggers a process of developing a visual context – a gestalt or field that represents related feelings, emotions, or life experiences.  Often, the developing work of art will put the item in a new context and expand its meaning." 
Sentinel by Stephen Millner
Grid by Stephen Millner
The Guard by Stephen Millner                          

Michael Konrad

"My work is inspired primarily by the built environment of the urban landscape. I am fascinated by its never-ending cycle of demolition and construction. And I am frightened by its disconnect with nature as I witness our tireless consumption of limited resources. "

Concrete Bomb by Michael Konrad
Sidewalk Shelter by Michael Konrad
Support Foundation by Michael Konrad
Sky Cone by Michael Konrad

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