Thursday, June 13, 2013

Featured Charter Members Continued

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 PSG by our Charter Members

Jedediah Morfit

Ad Infinitum by Jedediah Morfit
Self Portraint, with Ambition by Jedediah Morfit
Toil by Jedediah Morfit
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Jenifer Stern

"I am interested in the worlds that are unseen, the realm of the imagination, 
all that live in them and the emotions within us. My work addresses the 
theme of identity and is an exploration of the many layers, 
which define who we are as individuals. "

Installation by Jenifer Stern 
Life Stage 2 by Jenifer Stern 
Closing In by Jenifer Stern

John Shoemaker

He pursued his artistic interests at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he first discovered glass blowing. At this point, John's work shifted to primarily sculpture utilizing wood, glass, and other materials, as well as functional or decorative glass objects. Much of his work is inspired by material history, traditional and industrial craftsmanship, nautical history, and mechanical forces.

Hour Glass by John Shoemaker
Merletto Sinker by John Shoemaker
Ruby Reticello Footed Bowl by John Shoemaker
Escapement Installation by John Shoemaker

Joon H Bae

"I believe in the sovereignty of art, that it transcends experience and subjectivity while retaining remains of both from myself as the artist, and the viewer. It is not only a bridge, but also a resurrection of our selves, a new thing, a new significance."

Joon H. Bae
Joon H. Bae
Joon H. Bae
Joon H. Bae

Kevin Van Zanten

The Ascension (Jesus & the Seven Dwarves) by Kevin Van Zanten 
Die Blasenlunge by Kevin Van Zanten
The Oscillating Fan that Never Says, "No" by Kevin Van Zanten

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