Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Wow...what a crazy weekend that was, packed from start to finish. Friday night we started off at Indy Hall for the In Progress show, celebrating their expansion into the first floor of 20 N. 3rd Street. The show was great and the space was packed!


Here are my snake and rabbit sculptures on either end of the table, with Terri's deer in the middle.

Justin and Gus's work.

Olivia was umbrella obsessed and had a whole bunch of admirers on our way from the car to Space 1026.

Jake Henry's show, It's a trap!, at Space 1026 was really fabulous. It was a mix of wood and metal sculpture, both free standing and some wall mounted pieces, and paintings, which all worked beautifully together. I especially liked the giant trap at the far end of the room, although I kept being afraid of Olivia getting into it (which she tried!)

Welded teeth

And I loved this little welded bear trap...

After the openings, Jenny and I went to the Crane Building to set up for the 2012 Philadelphia Truck Expo. We were given a pickup truck to use and everyone had to create something in it, around it, on it, etc... It was Jenny's great idea to do a natural history museum type display of all the amazing things we found in our building while renovating...

Our truck full of fabulous specimens!


The opening was really fun and all the trucks were really varied which I loved. Ryan and Tim did a great job pulling it all together. Thanks for having us!!!

Lastly, we got some great donations this weekend, including a fridge (Thanks Gus!) and kitchen set up for our member lounge (Thanks Joe!) and some wood carving and leather working tools (Thanks Victor!). And big thanks, as always, to the amazing people who come help make it happen, Jenifer, Brynn (aka the Zen master), Gus, and Jenny. We could not do it without you guys.

(Sidebar. Anyone wanting to remove paint from windows, make a paste of washing soda and spread it on. Let it sit for a while, keeping it moist. Then use a scraper and a wire brush to take it all off. We have these horrible textured glass windows that grabbed the paint like it was its job, and this worked to get the paint off, and is non-toxic (Take that Paint Stripper! Booyah!)!)

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