Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just sculpt...

Sorry for the blog silence yesterday...on top of being tremendously busy, it was a rough day all around. I'm generally a very happy person but this past week has just felt like one thing after another and sometimes everything just hits you at once and you need to go off and cry for a few days over everything that you didn't let bother you for the last year or so. (And I'm sure a crazy full moon and Venus rolling in front of the sun didn't help...) But I will say this... When I get upset, I become the most inspired and productive. I can't help but make things. I know this is me processing what I'm feeling but because my work tends to be very emotion based in general, the things I create at times like these tend to be some of the stronger stuff...I've been sculpting and sketching alot and have a few pieces started and a few more on the way, which feels amazing. SO why all this about me? Well, I think 1) it's helpful to know that other people are out there going through it. Being an artist (or a human) can sometimes feel extremely isolating, especially when you're upset about something, and 2) I think as artists, our work is an extremely important a pressure release valve. I know alot of people who feel this way but are too busy/tired/sad to make work...just make something, even something small. I'm already feeling better and am excited about the new to build a giant armature...yikes!

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