Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PSG on Newsworks.org

I was so happy to have Peter Crimmins and Emma Lee from Newsworks in our space yesterday for an interview. Having gotten only 4 hours of sleep, I had a giant coffee to keep me going, so I felt like I was just talking a mile a minute. Hopefully if you hear me on the radio (eek!) I don't sound too much like the Micro-Machines guy. (I am the shyest outgoing person I know so I'm always so nervous during interviews! ...yes, you read that right, shy and outgoing...that's me.) Check out the article and some more photos at newsworks.org

Huge thanks to Kelly and Gaby, two of our fabulous interns, for being there and helping to kitten wrangle, Barbara Blau, aka Gramma, for watching Olivia and to Peter and Emma for coming by to check out the space and helping to spread the word. Thank you!

Photo by Emma Lee

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