Tuesday, June 26, 2012



One of the best things, so far, about the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym is that it is already a place of learning...as we've all been working on the space, we are all picking up new skills from one another, which I love. On Sunday Gus, Brynn and I started on laying the linoleum floor in the 2nd bathroom. We planned out where our tiles would go, made some guide lines and I got to put down the mastic. I've put down a linoleum floor where the tiles were backed with adhesive, so this method was new to me. We left to eat dinner while the stuff set and came back to find that I had accidentally turned the fans off that we had on it (whoops.) So we did some other things and around 11:30 or so started laying out the tiles. The bathroom isn't huge but there were a fair amount of interesting cuts to be made for the drain holes in the floor so we were there until almost 4am (!) But it looks great and was totally worth it.

AND the windows in the member lounge are finished! Next up, flooring in there and then a kitchenette (So exciting!)

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