Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning...

With the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym coming soon, Justin and I are leaving our current studio. We think that having memberships at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym (Yes, we are both paying Charter members!) will work out to us no longer needing a separate studio space. The bad news is that we moved our studio less than a year ago and it was no small task! I suspect, after going through things, that we'll be having some sort of studio sale (I'll keep you posted!) because despite the fact that alot of things are being assimilated into the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym's stash, we still have SO MUCH STUFF! We'll decide on a date and let everyone know the details soon. I always love studio sales, because what one person no longer needs can be a major find for someone else! We once got an awesome vacuum chamber (for degassing rubber) and still have part of it...somewhere in here....

Our studio...urgh.


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