Tuesday, February 7, 2012


OK! OK!! Helloooo Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Blog Followers and General Awesome People Who Support and Follow Our Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After much procrastination it's me Justin, until now the voice of PSG on the inter-webs has been Darla. I have had some approach avoidance to the whole blognation... I don't even have a Facebook account! I will pause for the shock to settle in...
Ok, so I'm over my shy violet stage.... I am going to be a regular from here on out!

Now today's post:)

#1 Big shout out and thanks to our Homie Eric McDade for the Craigslist spotting of "some chalkboards" in the Free section posted this morning!
#2 to the guy Matt who actually called me back on the job site that the chalk boards in question were...
#3 Last but certainly not least to Daniel Burns who humped out to the 'burbs with me and helped me carry and load the HEAVY 12' long! by 4' high chalk boards to the truck; just as I spotted the pile of SLATE COUNTER TOPS AND SINKS!!! laying in the grass. As the sparkle in my eye began to fade into the reality of actually picking things up and moving them again, things began to whirl around us and before you knew it we had a full truck of Grade A+ reclaimed laboratory and classroom equipment salvaged from a building at Gwynedd-Mercy College, destined for the landfill.
I don't know if the chalkboards spoke singularly to the G.C. on the demo, or whether he was planning to post some of the jewels that I found later on Craigslist or not; but I am glad that I took the time to go, and potentially saved some great stuff worth a bunch for resale alone but worth $1,000's new from certain doom...

  • (2) 4'H x 12'L (heavy enough to be slate but not sure..) chalk boards both with a tiny strip of cork-board across the top. In case we want to put the cursive alphabet across the top...!
  • (2) Under mount slate sink basins (currently not under-mounted)!!
  • (2) Double drain boards for the above sinks w/ hot drainage grooves cut in. One of them has a wicked cool laboratory faucet w/ integral hose barb!!
  • (1) 5' long section of the counter that matched/ connected to the sink drain boards!
  • (1) 7' long section of counter... "                 "                "               "                    !
  • (4) Solid core doors w/ a narrow wire reinforced glass window running vertically from waist to eye height, and brass hinges. One of them is over-sized like 40" wide or so!!!!
  • (2) 3'H x 4' L and 3'H x 3'L Wall mounted sliding glass door maple veneer cabinets w/ shelves!!


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