Monday, October 24, 2011

Submit your propsal now: Philly Stake

The next Philly Stake is November 13th at The Ukie Club. Everyone with a creative project that needs funding should submit a proposal by Oct 30th! Check out the details from their email announcement:

Stake's goal is to directly fund Philadelphia creative projects. We encourage creatives, artists, organizers and thinkers of all kinds and at all career stages to apply. The application is simple and brief by design, just 4 questions and 4 images. We regret that, due to the number of proposals we receive, we are unable to accept all of them. Ten proposals that fulfill all of the following criteria will be chosen to include in the dinner election.
If funded, you will be responsible for making a presentation to the Stake community regarding your progress on this project at the next Stake event (approximately 3-4 months after the November dinner).
This grants funds Philadelphia-based creative projects. Stake grants are project specific; they do not fund an artist's individual studio work, nor art gallery/non-profit organizations' overall work. Grammar and spelling count! Please make sure you proofread your proposal and follow all instructions below.
1. Describe the project a STAKE Grant would help you accomplish (approx. 100 words):
2. How will you use the grant toward the realization of your project? $750 is your imaginary budget (50 words):
3. A little about yourself and what led you to your current creative goals. This may include a previous project of yours, ways it both succeeded and failed (this can be entirely unrelated to your proposal) (100 words):
4. Why is this project important? How will it benefit the community? (100 words):
Submit 4 digital images (up to 2 MB each, jpeg or gif format ONLY) relating to your project or past projects in order to better illustrate your words above. (Examples: sketches for project proposal, photomontage, maps, diagrams, or other related imagery)
Proposals will be accepted from October 23 through October 30. with only the name of your project in the subject line and answers to the above questions in the body of the email.. The only attachments we accept are your images!
From the complete proposals submitted before the deadline, ten projects will be chosen to be voted on at the event on November 13. We select seven proposals at random and three proposals chosen by Philly Stake core organizers to ensure a broad and diverse group of proposals.
You will be notified by November 3 if your proposal is selected. Thoroughly review your submission before sending; incomplete proposals will not be considered.
Proposals will be made available on the Philly STAKE website approximately one week prior to the event and will be posted in the dining room during the event. Applicants will be given 3 minutes to present their proposal to event attendees. Projects should be ready to implement once money is awarded.
All Stake attendees will vote on their favorite, and the winner of the most votes will win the grant for the evening. 
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