Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SiliBrush or Silly Brush?

Has anyone seen these yet? This is a Silibrush by Polytek. Here's a bit more info from their website:

New reusable brushes save $ when making brushed molds. They are 6.5" long and are made of silicone so they can be used to brush polyurethane rubbers and plastics. Once the polyurethane cures, just peel it away from the brush and it's ready to use again. We recommend having 4 or 5 brushes on hand so a new one can be used for each coat of rubber applied (eliminates having to wait for the rubber to cure to be removed). Our tests have shown these brushes work with TinSil and PlatSil products as well. Test them out for yourself. 

Now I have to admit, I am intrigued, but skeptical. I love Polytek but I can't tell if these are genius or would be awful. When making rubber molds, we go through a ton of chip brushes and I always feel guilty creating so much waste...I'd love to find a way to use less brushes but I wonder if this would do the trick? At $5.00 each vs. $6.99 for a 36 pack of chip brushes, the price is a bit steep...and I wonder if those little silicone fingers would just tear off when peeling away the polyurethane. Hmmm...I'm about to place an order with Polytek for some new mold rubber (the stuff I tested the other day never fully set up so its no good...) and might just get one to try it our and report back...The crazy things we do in the name of research...!

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