Monday, October 17, 2011

Kickstarter Update: 100%!!!!

We met our Kickstarter goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who isn't on our Facebook, Twitter or following our Kickstarter might have missed the craziness that went down early Saturday afternoon, so let me retell the details for everyone. Justin and I had been up too late the night before (1:30am for me and 2am for him)...he was finishing up the last 18 bases for a commission I had gotten a while back, as our client was coming to get them the next afternoon. I was up contacting everyone I know and don't know to promote our Kickstarter page, as we had 4 days and $2,910 to go. We both went to sleep exhausted and woke up early to start all over again (5:30am for me and 6:30am for him), me with emailing and him with bases...and we had roofers coming at 8:00am...AND we had to get ready for POST! As I was getting ready to run out the door to get snacks for the Open Studio, we got a $100 donation...then a $200...then another $100.....then $25...I was so excited about this that I started a Facebook post, and as I check back to see what the percentage was its said 100%. Lis Kalogris had made a pledge to put us over the top! I started screaming (yes, screaming...classy lady here...) and Justin came running upstairs, thinking something awful had happened. I gave him the news and proceeded to bawl my eyes out, overwhelmed by happiness at the support we've received and the fact that we met our goal and therefore I would not be having a nervous breakdown over the following 4 days. I teared up at the thought of what had happened all day if you saw me looking weepy at POST it was due to happiness.

So a huge thanks to all of our backers! This has been a tremendously amazing experience and we are ecstatic to have met our goal...again, we could not have done it without you! THANK YOU!
(And I'll be back today to post the names of our donors over the last week, so check back this afternoon.)

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