Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kickstarter Rally!

Alright guys. We have less than two weeks to fully fund this Kickstarter and have $6,100 left to go. We need to get the word out and WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are asking you all to please spread the word via twitter, facebook, blogs, aerial writing, etc etc. Know someone who you think will be interested? Send them a link and tell them why you think they should support us! We are really excited to get the doors of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym open and to do this we need to raise the last of the money needed to match the Knight Art Challenge grant! We are so close with the remaining funds to be raised which is amazing so please, if you haven't already donated, we ask that you consider what the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym will do for the artists of Philadelphia...and not just sculptors, but also craftspeople, Etsians, DIYers, hobbyists, makers, builders, wood workers, welders, moldmakers and first time creators! We are looking to create a community where artists can work together, learn from each other and be able to create things that may not have been possible otherwise! And what's so great about our Kickstarter is that donors can be among the very first members to use the space by choosing day, week or month long memberships as their rewards! And if you aren't interested in being a member but want to support us, we have tons of rewards that are perfect for you, including sculpture starting at the $50 level (a baby bunny in a crow mask by Darla Jackson...check out Darla Jackson Sculpture for images!)

$6,100 could be met if 61 people donate $100, or 122 people donate $50, or 244 donate $25...or any other combo. Donations start at $1 and any amount is appreciated! Please please please tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know and so on and so on. We have to raise this money either way and if we don't meet our Kickstarter goal we are back up to needing to raise $8,000 again (Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal). So please, if you can spare even $1 toward our project we'd be insanely grateful. We love that the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym is being created for artists and that we are being helped by artists and arts supporters. We could not make it for you without you.

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