Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who stopped by our booth at Trenton Ave. Justin and I had an amazing time talking to everyone about the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym and were blown away by all the excitement and great feedback we got! We also raised $525 toward our goal of $20,000 to match the Knight Arts Challenge grant! Thanks so much to Fran Graham, John Grant, Tom Homer and Nora Fuelner, Jake Henry and Sue Grobels-Henry (and Lemon!), Kara LaFleur, Michael Konrad, Jonah Baldwin, Mackenzie McAlpin, and the 1 other guy whose name I didn't catch (if you see this, let me know your name and I would love to give you a shout out of thanks!) And another big thanks to Michael Phillips, Justin's long-time friend that he hadn't seen for 10 years (!) who came up for the day as a surprise to help us with the booth. He gave out about a zillion postcards and he and Sally helped us pack up and we all got inside before the rain hit!
Check back tomorrow because we'll announce the winner of the free 1 month membership!!

Clamps, vices and hammers, oh my!

Thanks again to everyone who filled out a questionnaire!

We used Square to accept credit card payments and it worked out amazingly!

Yup...we brought our drill press.


His and Hers Philadelphia Sculpture Gym T-shirts, modeled by Homer and Nora!

Layla and Olivia show off their PSG Tattoos

And this is how we all felt after the day was over...

On Sunday, after a giant breakfast (Breakfast Nachos at One Shot...amazing, for the record) and a fabulous birthday party, we headed over to the 5 into 1 show put together by Philadelphia Sculptors. It was a really varied show in terms of medium/media but this piece by Colin W. O'Neill was my favorite.

The broken clamp on the floor is intentional...(I double checked.)

...and it was needed because otherwise the viewers might never believe that these are all made of PLASTER!



The show runs through June 18th, 2011, so if you have a chance, stop by and check it out. Check the Philadelphia Sculptors site for more details.


  1. Sorry I missed you at the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest but my daughter did get there and she picked up some info for me. I'm hoping to make it to a couple of your upcoming classes. Are there any age limits as I would possibly sign up my 13 year old son as well.

    Any thoughts on doing some sort of Kickstarter fundraiser for making your matching amount?

  2. Hi Tim!
    So glad your daughter got to pick up some info for you and that we'll see you in some of the upcoming classes! And we'd be ok with your son coming. The only workshop using heavy machinery would be the sculpture tool making workshop in July, where we'd use a bandsaw and a belt sander. If he/we/you aren't comfotable with him using the equipment, either you or one of us can assist him.
    And Kickstarter is on our agenda...I'm hoping to have it set up in the next few weeks. Will be sure to post it here when its ready!