Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PSG Pin Up Calendar Shoot Recap

J. Kyle Keener and Miss October, Aubrie Costello
OH MY GOODNESS...its been over 24 hours and I am still recovering from the amazingness that happened here on Sunday. For anyone who missed what's going on, we shot images for a PSG Pin Up Calendar. 12 hours. 12 months. 13 ladies. 1 photographer. 1 multi talented assistant. 1 makeup artist and 1 hair artist (both of which were also in the calendar). Lots of hairspray, coffee and pizza. We made fires, we made sparks, we poured metal, we ate cupcakes...we did it all.

J. Kyle Keener and Miss November, Maria Kretschmann
Why did we decide to do this? Well...first I inherited my Pop Pop's love of super cute cheesecake-y pin up. And since its beginnings, the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym has been built by a group of amazing ladies (dudes too but today is about the ladies!). I wanted to combine the traditional cutesy nature of the pin up with some bad ass sculptor lady types. When I talked to PSG Charter Member/Photographer/Lamp Sculptor J. Kyle Keener about the idea, he was super into it and made it a reality. That combined with the wonderful ladies who answered the open call when we were looking for some strong women are what made this happen.
J. Kyle Keener and Miss June, Sue Grobels
I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the amazing people who made this happen: First and foremost, J. Kyle Keener for kicking some serious ass on this. He NAILED it. His organization and preplanning and quick thinking made this calendar so incredible. Kyle I cannot thank you enough! I couldn't be happier! Then Aubrie Costello for doing an amazing job on the make up AND for jumping in when we needed a last minute Miss October! Aubrie you did an incredible job. Then Jenny Welsh for doing such incredible hair styling! Jenny, how did we not know this about you!?! (She just kept saying doing hair was like sculpting :) Thanks so much! Next Gus Actis for acting as the prop guy/photo assistant/mover of everything heavy. He threw pots, he heated metal, he vaccumed between shots...he did it all. Thanks so much Gus! And a huge thanks to the amazing ladies of the calendar (who you will all meet very soon): Rebecca Collins (aka Miss January), Kara La Fleur and Tara Rebel (aka Miss March x2), Holiday Cam (aka Miss April), Jaime Huizing (aka Miss May), Sue Groebels (aka Miss June), Jenny Welsh (aka Miss July), Melanie Serkes (aka Miss August), Jennifer Ferrell (aka Miss September), Aubrie Costello (aka Miss October), Maria Kretschmann (aka Miss November) and Katherine Petronaci (aka Miss December) You ladies KILLED it! Thank you so much for everything! It was great working with all of you!!!!
Also a huge thanks to PSG members for understanding the need to close the shops down for the day!
J. Kyle Keener and Miss December, Katherine Petronaci
 I cannot tell you how excited I am to show you all how awesome the images look. Soon enough you will get to see them! We're going to do a pre-sale of the calendar starting tomorrow at 8am so check back then if you'd like to get one! AND save the date for the launch party on Friday, December 6th! 6-9pm! XOXO
J. Kyle Keener and Miss July, Jenny Welsh


  1. I had SO much fun and I FORGOT I could do hair ? haha... Love you! Glad I could be a bigger help! You did a wonderful job with Kyle orchestrating it all!

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