Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday Giveaway (On Saturday...)

Photo by the fabulous Ms. Rea Walsh
Hey guys, today is all about coffee...I need some. I had some. I need more. So the PSG Friday Giveaway (on Saturday...ahem) is for one PSG coffee mug! To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what you'll put in your PSG coffee mug and we'll announce the winner on Monday! Winner can come pick it up next week!


  1. First, I would put some Half and Half in it and then some hot coffee. Not very original but it is just what the doctor ordered...well, actually the doctor said I'm supposed to avoid caffeine so technically its what the doctor ordered me not to have but I need my caffeine!

  2. Too late for this but I would have some of the Philadelphia roasters, Rival Bros, "Honduras", a Guachipilin micro lot, sun dried on tables, fresh ground on a Sunday morning with a splash of half and half. I'll split an apple dumpling that I bought at the Amish, "Dutch Eating Place" in the Reading Terminal Market with my wife Jackie who drinks her coffee black. She'll be drinking her coffee out of a mug I threw on the pottery wheel.