Friday, July 19, 2013


What a week its been! Insanely hot and things are getting more exciting here at PSG!

On Sunday, Jenny taught a private metalworking workshop to a couple celebrating their 10 year anniversary! Congrats guys!

Michael Hinkelman of Talking Small Biz from the Philly Daily News came by for a visit this week thanks to my Momma! (She sent him an email telling him about PSG...she's the sweetest!)

Hi Mom!
Kyle just got back from a visit to Detroit and he came bearing gifts...Jumparoonies!

Jumparoonie chic...(Yes, I love jumperoonies.)

Gabriel and Josh (and Lucy too, I think?!) kicked ass on three new studio cubbies. Just need to drywall and trim these out and they are ready to go! One of the 3 is still available if anyone is interested!

Oh yeah...and people have been in here MAKING STUFF!!!! I'm beyond excited to have people actually in here using the space. Its wonderful!
Rea welding our new back gate
Jenny cutting out steel circles for a commission she's working on
Josh's progress on a new piece in this blazing heat!

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