Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend's work day was great. Crazy but great. First we had our first shop monitor meeting to go over the gameplan. SO EXCITING! We've got a great bunch of people that will be here making sure everyone is safe while working in the shops. You'll meet them all very soon!

We also had artists dropping off work for Process Show: CASTING, which opens this Friday. I love this piece by Brian Comisky!

There was also some photos of my highly fancy technique of drying plaster pieces...(It really is the easiest/best place I've found to do this!)

We team-worked some things up onto the loft, including my giant molds. Thanks so much guys! The classroom is on it's way to looking like a classroom again.

After building stuff, moving stuff, and moving more stuff,  we had a giant lunch of amazing pizzas. Thanks Jenny!

The last part of the day we set up one of the new studio spaces. Its been amazing to see these little spaces come together. I'll be posting more info on these soon so stay tuned!

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