Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Metal Workers Needed ASAP

Hey guys, our friends at Franks Kitchens are looking for people who are capable metal workers and/or welders to help fabricate a 30 foot high machine that shoots flaming balls (!!!)

Work starts tomorrow so anyone interested should contact me ASAP via email at with FRANKS KITCHENS in the subject line.

The project will go through the 3rd week in July.

For a bit more about Franks Kitchens check out their website or read more below:

Frank’s Kitchens is a Philadelphia based artistic design and fabrication collaborative. Founded in 2007 inside a small warehouse on North Hancock Street in Kensington, FK got its start primarily as a place to build massive human-powered kinetic sculptures for the annual sculpture derby during the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.
Today, now in a much larger space off N. 5th Street, Frank’s Kitchens is a fiery collective of passionate creativity hosting artists who breathe to think and dream, and live to collaborate and build. Keeping its membership to a strict number of 12, including an ambiguously fictitious figure-head in Frank R. Rosen himself, FK is comprised of a myriad of personal backgrounds from engineers, to designers, to metal smiths, to sculptors, to pyro-technicians, to electricians, to carpenters to filmmakers.

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