Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PSG Wish List

As many of you know, the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym has run so far on donations of tools, time and money, for which I am extremely grateful! I am happy to report that we are almost ready to open, and are just waiting on them to finish hooking up the new electric service. The only thing that is missing are a few key tools...namely a belt and disc sander, a jointer and a bending brake. If anyone has one (or more) of these things (or anything else) and is interested in donating them to PSG or leasing them to us through our tool leasing program (in return for time in the studio), please send me an email at

We have gotten the following tools via donation or purchase using donated money or as a loan as part of our tool leasing program: drill press, horizontal band saw, band saw, table saw, sliding compound miter saw, miter saw (chop saw), abrasive cut off saw, 2 wood lathes, a MIG welder, a TIG welder, a plasma cutter, an air compressor, bench grinders, an anvil and more... and I cannot thank everyone enough. It has been a crazy, yet wonderful, yet *ahem* difficult, yet incredibly amazing journey and it would not be possible without all of your help. Stay tuned for opening party details soon! Ah!


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