Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Special Workshop - BYO Bicycle Frame Class 4/1-4/5

Announcing a special workshop with Paul Carson! There is a limited amount of space available (only 5 people!) so please email Programs Manager Jenny Welsh at to sign up asap.


Ever frustrated by riding a bike just not shaped well for you? Ever tempted to try and build your own frame, but not sure where to start? This is the class for you!
In this class, students will learn how to build their own bicycle frame from steel tubes, using lugged construction. They will learn about bicycle geometry and handling, and what configurations are typically applied to what kind of riding applications. They will learn the basics of fitting a bicycle frame to a rider, and how to set up a bicycle frame jig.
You will come out of the class with an unpainted steel roadbike frame set up for fast city riding, commuting, or touring, It will accept caliper brakes and 28.6mm threadless headset.  Extras (handlebars, seat, pedals, and wheels) are totally up to you!

Class Goals:
Students will leave the class having built their own bicycle frame, fitted specifically for them (or for the person of their choice) from steel tubing. Students will learn about fabricating structures made of thin wall tubing, and about brazing techniques.
(Outside the scope of this class, but highly recommended:  build up your bike. paint your name on the side. ride it around. impress your friends.)

No previous experience required. 

This is a week long workshop taking place Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th from 4-10pm.
Students will need to attend each night of class, from 4-10pm, Monday through Friday.

Class fee is $450. Does not include materials.

Materials are provided, for a materials fee of $250.  Students may customize their build with a selection of dropouts and braze ons.

Instructor Biography:

 Paul Carson is an engineer by training and metalworking enthusiast.  After years of making bicycle powered sculptures, a recumbent trike, gas powered bumper cars and other contraptions, he designed his own bicycle building process using the fixture and manufacturing process design skills he learned working as a manufacturing engineer.

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