Monday, March 4, 2013

Last Day on Lucky Ant!

This is the LAST DAY of our Lucky Ant Campaign...! We are all so very thankful for all the generosity so far and are happy to be able to give exciting rewards in return. As I know I've said before, the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym has truly changed my life...I've given so much of myself to see this dream through to a reality and to hear the amazing feedback from everyone has been what's kept me going through the hard times. The support from everyone, whether it be a donation of time, tools, or money, or some really great advice, or referring someone to's all been over the top goodness. Starting a business is hard. Making art is hard. Finding a space to make art can be hard. Finding a community you love is hard. I think that the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym is going to make those things a little bit easier for everyone, myself included, and I am so excited for that. Coming together as artists, as makers, as small business owners, and as a community...I just cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has made this possible...  On opening day, you probably find me crying in a corner somewhere, overwhelmed with happiness...(be sure just to give me a snack and tell me to go lie down somewhere for a while, as I'm sure to be sleep deprived.) It's been a lot of work but it's all for something bigger than each of us alone. And I thank everyone for helping to build it...from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

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