Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Dreamer Blue by Choi Xoo Ang

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it...and after googling the artist, Choi Xoo Ang, I realized I'd seen his work before. His style is hyper-realistic and very creepy.

The following info is from

Completed in 2008, ‘The Blue Dreamer’ is an oil on resin work by Choi Xooang which presents his hyper-realistic approach to sculpture. Kneeling in an ungraceful pose, a woman stares out with a look of despondency etched across her face. From her head spews an animated plume of thoughts and dreams, made to look like a volcanic cloud of ash exploding from her mind. The push-pull of the figure’s distant and unanimated expression, coupled with the dynamic display of her ‘dreams,’ makes for an incredibly engaging work that alludes to the individual’s struggle against themselves and the constraints of contemporary society.

Contemporary Korean sculptor Choi Xooang (b. 1975) excels in
capturing nightmarish scenes and a sense of the macabre in his powerfully realistic polymer clay and resin figures. Speaking to both human rights issues in Korea as well as a concern for society’s pathological state of impairment, Choi Xooang creates fascinating portrayals of bodies that have been maimed, blinded, muted, sewn together, and otherwise tortured to allude to the censorship, violence, abuses, and injustices endured by individuals. His sculptures are executed with an incredible sense of grotesque realism, visually arresting in their careful detail and tactile quality. Choi Xooang received his MFA in Sculpture from Seoul National University and currently lives and works in Seoul. The artist has exhibited at numerous venues including the National Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), Saatchi Gallery (London, UK), and Art Seasons Gallery (Beijing, China), among others. 

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