Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap: Casting, Welding and a Wedding

 This weekend was packed! We had a full aluminum casting workshop on Saturday AND a full day of oxy-acetylene workshops on Sunday. Congrats to everyone who participated in the workshops, you all did an amazing job! I even got a chance to cast some work in the space (in resin though!) and want to thank Josh Heake for helping out with that. (They came out great Josh! Thanks!)

 Making Greensand molds
Firing up the furnace
Molten Aluminum!
One of the flasks after being poured
Dave's medallion came out great!
Jay's casting looked amazing.

I even got to cast some work this resin.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding workshop!
Nice job guys!
AND THEN, on Sunday night, my dear friend Nora and I went to an amazing wedding. The bride and groom, Billy and Jess, are collectors of my work and had asked if I would display my art at their wedding. I was so honored! Congrats to you both, I am so happy for you!!!

And a huge congrats to Billy and Jess on their wedding.

Billy and Jess holding my work and kissing!

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