Friday, September 14, 2012

Make It, Break It, Rebuild It...Final Weekend!

Be sure to check out Make It, Break It, Rebuild It this weekend before it's over! While you are there, look for work by PSG Charter Member Michael Konrad!


September 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15th

at Oxford Mills, 100 W. Oxford St. (between the Berks & Girard stops along Front St.)
Exhibition hours are 6pm - 10pm each night; performances are timed events.

Exhibiting Artists:
Jaime Alvarez, Nick Auman, Marcus Balum, Patricia Barrera, Emily Bowser, Brad Carney, Christina P. Day, Nicole Donnelly, Jenna Efrein, Keith Hartwig, Delia King, Mike Konrad, Ron Longsdorf, Chloris Lowe, Lisa Murch, Daniel Ostrov, Ryan Parker, Damon Reaves, Mary Tasillo, Mat Tomezsko, Jason Varone, Bonnie Whitfield, Jared Wood, Tara Wosiski, and Summer Yates, as well as Emerging Muralist teams Golden Brush Design, Collective Waters, Art Inception, and Junk of Kings.

Performance Schedule:
Sept. 13th at 8pm - || Lincoln-Line || an interactive fashion show and live music
Sept. 14th at 7pm – Ellie Goudie-Averill, Olive Prince, Zornitsa Stoyanova
Sept. 15th at 7pm - Ellie Goudie-Averill, Olive Prince, Real Live People(in)Motion

Set in the raw warehouse space of an old lamp factory, MAKE IT, BREAK IT, REBUILD IT is a two-week art happening featuring site-specific installations and performances that reflect society’s need to create, destroy, and reuse. This show brings together the work of over 30 artists and performer/choreographers speaking directly to the purpose of rebuilding -- not simply as it applies to physical objects but to the greater community. Artists examine the purpose of re-purpose through object-based media, structured and improvisatory performance, and audience-interactive installations that discuss society’s need to Make It, Break it, and Rebuild It.

The 25 visual art installations run the gamut of large scale audience-interactive woven sculpture (Tara Wosiski) to discreet 2-D and 3-D artworks (Ron Longsdorf, Jared Wood), from a technology-focused live twitter feed video projection (Jason Varone) to the tactile smashing and reassembling of bottles (Jenna Efrein) and of hand papermaking (Mary Tasillo), from exquisitely rendered depictions of discarded materials (Mat Tomeszko) to the construction of livable spaces from discarded materials (Mike Konrad, Christina Day).  Including artwork of nearly every medium -- from painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, light and space, and interactive installations--, the exhibition will be in a state of continual flux and progression over the course of two weekends.

The performances of Dance Amidst Art at MAKE IT, BREAK IT, REBUILD IT, part of the Philly Fringe Festival, are the largest series of collaborations between dancers and visual artists under one roof, occurring within the art installations as well as on stage.  Cross-pollination is a term that gets bandied about when artists from different disciplines are asked to collaborate, to digest and to respond to another artist or artwork in the process of their creative act.  At its root, cross-pollination expands the conversation between disciplines, and at its best, it creates new work that extends the boundaries and possibilities of both art forms.

For details about the events, artists, or location:


For tickets, contact the Festival Box Office at (215) 413-1318 or visit

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