Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap


This weekend was quite a productive one at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. On Saturday, Brynn and I painted steel around the garage door (in progress shot...why I took no after photo, I dont know...) between rain storms. We also had a great potluck Saturday night (which, again, I have no pictures from !!!) Thanks to everyone who came!

On Sunday we had a big crew so Brynn, Molly, Jenny and Stephanie tackled sealing the lounge (aka the cabin) inside and out, which they did an amazing job on!


My favorite part of this was when Molly and Brynn decided to wear trash bags while using the sealer overhead and looked like the cutest little black plastic pickachu I had ever seen...

While they were doing that, Gus an I did the trim in the lounge bathroom...

AND we put a the toilet in! (Forgive the was my first toilet install and I'm feeling proud.)

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