Monday, June 18, 2012

Crates continued!

This weekend was a productive one. The member lounge is covered, inside and out, with old crates used for shipping art. This was a big project that took alot of planning and alot of cutting and alot of nailing, but it came out great. Sure we could've just covered this in drywall or plywood or something boring but we're artists, so why not think outside of the box...? The holes will get reclaimed windows and then the whole thing will be trimmed out with 1 x 3 from old slat crates. Brynn, Gus and I kicked this thing's ass on Saturday and Gus and I came back to start the outside on Saturday night. Sunday we *almost* finished the outside...there are a few tiny pieces left to do, but it seriously looks great. Big thanks to everyone for the help this weekend!

Olivia likes it too!

Below are some crappy interior shots that I took late at night but they give a view of the interior. It really feels like a tiny cabin or something like it...Can't wait until the space is finished!

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