Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crates on the ceiling...

 Things are rolling along at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. As per any construction project, things are taking longer than expected but we've been keeping ourselves quite busy regardless. One of the things we've been working on is the ceiling of the Member Lounge. Originally the whole thing was covered in this awful paneling and we knew we wanted to keep the structure but overhaul the look. So we stripped it down and Justin had the idea to cover it, inside and out, in pieces of art shipping crates...we're reusing items that were destined to be trashed and it looks pretty awesome. Justin and Gus started the project off, hanging some of the bigger crates. This weekend Brynn, Gus and I got in there and started on some of the smaller sections. Everything had to be looked at, with us deciding which was the best part of the crate to save (hey, we're artists!) and then measuring and cutting the piece to fit. Gus and I finished it up Monday evening and I think it looks awesome. We'll be bringing the crates down the walls too, but there will be some windows going in to keep the space bright and open.

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