Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday in photos...

Sorry for the silence on the blog yesterday! I was running around all here's a recap...

I was up at 6am to demold the blanket mold I had made yesterday (also at 6am).

The rubber was a little thick, but that's what I get for doing things before coffee!

The mother mold came off the rubber just fine...

Unable to find a blade of any sort to cut this in half/clean it up, I had to head home to cast yet another piece in my bathtub.

Kombucha + Beet Juice is amazing... (I make my own Kombucha...anyone want a SCOBY?)

Yay! Plaster Pygmy Rabbit!

At the park with friends! 

On the swings with "tiny dog", her currently favorite stuffed animal.

 Getting ready to ship the new piece...

Party's over (Pygmy Rabbit), 2012
This piece is for Wild at Heart at Thinkspace Gallery. The show will benefit endangered animals and I chose to sculpt a pygmy rabbit (after wrestling, unsuccessfully, with a bat sculpture for MONTHS...ugh. It's ok though, I'm a fan of this guy.)

We headed over to the Greensgrow party and Olivia got to run around and we got to drink beer and eat good win!

Then Justin, Jenny and I worked at the Sculpture Gym to get ready for Saturday!

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