Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Mine was crazy but good...and there was grilling involved, which made it all the better. Friday night we celebrated our anniversary with beers and food at the Sculpture Gym. Thanks to Margaux, Walter, Søren, Silas, John, Jenny, Jimmy and Gus for coming!

Saturday morning we set up at the new Barnes Foundation for a few hours, doing press molds and plaster casting with kids, which was pretty hysterical. The cups with clay and plaster in them looked like parfaits and all the kids kept talking about how they wanted to eat them.

Saturday afternoon and evening I was back in the Sculpture Gym, painting the second bathroom and starting on the gallery ceiling topcoat. So much painting but the end is near! (Thank goodness!)

Sunday was more painting in the am and then that evening we had a lil' BBQ, which was fun. Big thanks to everyone who came!

Monday Olivia and I went baby pool shopping while Justin and Gus moved large amounts of stuff into the Sculpture Gym, which is pretty exciting. In fact, I am headed to our studio now to start packing our stuff up (again!) to get it ready for moving to the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. Yay!

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