Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Independent Casting: Fine Art Foundry & Fabrication

This fella is Jeb Stuart Wood, the man behind Independent Casting, a local fine art foundry. Justin and I met Jeb years ago when living in our old studio space. He and Justin worked together in the foundry there, before everyone went off to start their own projects. Jeb has been in this space for about 3 years and I (finally!) got a chance to see it in person. They cast work for big names like Kiki Smith, Michelle Oka Doner, and Matthew Weinstein, and also do public commission work and smaller scale jobs for local artists and companies. They do ceramic shell casting and sand casting in both bronze and aluminum. We are in the process of working out a partnership so that Philadelphia Sculpture Gym members can take foundry classes at Independent Casting! (Exciting!) Check back soon for more details. For now, have a look around...

 Welding an armature for an enlargement.

 Base for the enlargement.

Wax room.

 Slurry Room.

 Burnout furnace.

Shop/foundry area.

Cast pieces.

 Welding area.

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