Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome Product: Seal-Krete

 PSG Gallery wall

This weekend I sealed the bricks in the gallery using Seal-Krete, a water-based, acrylic sealer. It was recommended by Leo of Paper Box Studios and after we saw how great the brick surfaces in his building looked, we went for it. It was super easy to spray on...We just got a handheld pump garden sprayer, filled it up, covered the floor in drop clothes to protect against over spray and I got to sprayin'. The gallery walls took me only about 45 minutes for the first coat and gave them this crazy electric blue color. Once it soaked in the finish was clear and matte, but the color of the brick was deepened and they looked great. It also said that it prevents efflorescence and strengthens masonry joints...bonuses! I did the second coat the next day (even though you really only need to wait 2 hours between coats!) and it went on even more quickly. The bricks look awesome and there is still a ton of the stuff left... If you have any bricks that need sealing, I highly recommend the stuff!

And just so you know, no one is paying me to say this (though that would be nice!) I just really thought it was great stuff and wanted to share the info!

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