Monday, April 9, 2012


Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had a great day in the Sculpture Gym on Saturday. The above photo is a Before shot of the existing window wall that divides our gallery and our mold making/casting area. We knew we wanted to scrape the paint off the windows but as I was reading the backs of all the paint strippers, I was not feeling good about it...even the "safer" (note that it said "safer" and not "safe") paint stripper had warnings on the back about causing harm to reproductive thanks! So I looked up how to safely remove paint and found a great forum on that mentioned someone using a clothing steamer to get paint off of wood and windows. We have one that rarely gets used so I figured it was worth a shot. It definitely still took some elbow grease but worked great! I used the steamer to heat up the paint first and continued to apply the steam while scraping it with a paint scraper.


Once Keira and Molly got there, two of our fabulous interns, Keira took over the windows and Molly started working on the plaster wall below.

Here are the windows During...makes me so excited to see all of the paint gone! (Sidenote...the far left window and the whole bottom row of all 4 windows are textured glass...the steaming doesn't work quite so well with Dad said vinegar will take paint off glass so I'm going to try that with a wire brush...will report back soon!)

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