Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sculptor's block? Batman to the rescue!

In progress...

Have you ever had a deadline looming with nothing worth showing and no inspiration headed your way? Yeah...So I had that this past month, which shouldn't have been the case. I had an idea for a piece that I loved and started it months ago...but it kept not looking the way I had planned and I was beyond frustrated with it and totally uninspired. Luckily I have a friend who sent me a picture of himself in a Batman mask (on Easter), which gave me an idea. I sculpted a Batman mask (using Magic-Sculpt sculpting epoxy) onto an extra rabbit I had lying around the studio. (The show, Empty Night Skies, is a group show of bat themed work and all proceeds to benefit Bat Conservation International to help combat the spread of White Nose Syndrome in bats.) It's totally weird, but I think its hysterical and it fits my whole "cute little animals doing strange things" vibe. I'm finishing it up tonight so we'll see how that goes...! If you want to see how it came out and/or really like bats, you should check out the show. Here is some more info:

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