Friday, April 13, 2012

Openings with O'Rae and Hosing down the Gallery

Last night Olivia and I went to Second Thursday at the Crane Building. I had a couple pieces in the UD@Crane gallery and wanted to check out the Fiber Philadelphia Show in the Icebox.

We also got to meet Charlie, Terri's piece from the Launch show in Space 102.

Olivia had her fill of the art at some point and then we played in the parking lot for about 30 minutes...crazy kid...

Justin and I met back up and dropped Olivia at Gramma's and headed over to the building, so I could hose down the gallery... We're sealing the walls and I wanted to get the dust/dirt/grime off and give them some time to dry out before we started. It worked really well and they are drying quickly...the whole gallery space already looks so much better and once we start sealing the brick and painting the beams/window trim, it will look amazing. I cannot wait!

And we've gotten almost all the paint off the windows...just those damn textured glass ones remain. Justin caved and got paint stripper, though I am still searching for alternative methods before he uses it...anyone know any??

Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive weekend!!!

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