Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kids and art...

It's no surprise that once you have a kid, everything changes in some way...but it's (sort of) up to you how much it changes...

I am a (ahem) very stubborn person when it comes to certain things and giving up making art was NEVER an option in my book (though if I had a dollar for every person who said "There goes your art career!" while I was pregnant, I would never need to work again...for the record, never say that to a pregnant woman...or to anyone. It's rude.) Needless to say I am still making art and I am happy to say Olivia is a big fan of sculpture and art in general.

That's not to say its not difficult at times (I am specifically thinking of hauling furniture in and out of my show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance with a small child strapped to my back...and at the Thinkspace opening where Olivia cried to the point of hyperventilating...) but you find ways to make it work... It wasn't until the second baby (aka the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym...yes, we think of this as our 2nd child...without the diapers.) that things got a little hectic in my art making life. I feel like I am always at the computer or at the space and between Olivia and the business, making my own work has gotten tough...but again this stubborness is kicking in and I am making due by sculpting at the kitchen table and casting things in my bathtub. Ideal, no. Necessary, yes. Not making art is still not an option (we're making a place to make art, for god's sake!) so I balance...again, not easy, but I think that when Olivia grows up, she will remember sitting at the kitchen table with her mom making all kinds of things...pies, cakes, bread, weird rabbit sculpture...and a business...and I hope that makes her proud.


  1. There is no better way to teach your kids strength, work ethic and fulfilling a passion than to teach by example.
    Just so you know, everyone looks from the outside and says "How does she do it all??" Making art, starting a business, raising a kid, making delicious organic pies and other sundries, being dedicated to your health, and being a great wife takes a whole hell of a lot of determination and project management skills. You are an inspiration, and not just to peeps in the Art community!

    1. I agree with ruby above. You are a great inspiration on all fronts: mom, artist, businesswoman...etc. Im still making art at the kitchen table with my mom who gave me the strength to keep going with my art and to never let anything or anyone get in the way of what drives you and makes you happy. Keep up the amazing work lady! So glad to have mentors like you and my mom in my life!=)

  2. I just came across your blog and read this post. As a fellow mom/artist/wife it is so great to read about your determination and dedication to all parts of your life - including art. We need more voices like yours out for everyone to hear. Because when I was pregnant I heard the same things. And it IS rude! I also watched, "Who does she think she is" which is a pretty depressing documentary on artists who are moms. I read blogs everyday searching for women to speak to what I need to hear. And you did that. Thank you so much. Please keep writing about your life and your progress on the Sculpture Gym. I am hoping to open a gallery in the next year or two (after we can finalize the purchase of the property) and your determination gives me hope!

  3. You're amazing Darla. You do EVERYTHING. You make adorable kids too.

  4. Wow. Thanks so much guys! These words are a big help after two especially trying days. I'd say something I didn't mention that is most difficult for me is patience...having patience with O and patience with myself is very hard but makes all the difference in the world...Baby steps, right?